EHPS stands for the European Health Psychology Society. We are a professional organization that strives towards promoting empirical and theoretical research. We encourage in the form of applications for health psychology within Europe. Our company aims at the interchange of information relating to health psychology with other organizations. It is a global activity. This transfer of knowledge occurs through the:

  • annual conferences
  • publishing of the journals
  • formation of groups with a specific interest

We organize many training courses for postgraduate students and school students.

The University of Padua is the first to host the first conference of EHPS. The theme of the conference is ‘Innovative ideas in Health Psychology.’ The origin of our organization traces its roots and is inspired after attending the first expert meeting in 1986 at Tilburg, Netherlands. The reason for organizing conferences is immense as it helps in the exchange of ideas and theories that worldwide psychologists obtain. This aids in developing collaborative projects amidst the experts.

The need for psychology is immense. It is a science of mind and human behavior. The psychologists explore the mental process and the process. Psychology stays connected with perception, thought, feeling, emotion, and many more. You can be up to date on brain and behavior research by following our organization.

Our European psychology society has links with other prominent international health societies. International Association of Applied Psychology (IAAP) and the European Federation of Professional Psychological Associations (EFPA) has a link with EHPS. Our association has tied up with the Department of Public Information of the United Nations, DPI/NGO.