The Major Causes of Lower Back Pain

With the number of cases of lower back pain sufferers rising it can be hard to know what the actual cause of this pain is. My advice would be to look at aspects of your life that involve menial labor and heavy lifting and look to avoid these activities when you can. With age or illness your body can become weaker, if you push your body too much in this state then you may be susceptible to pain and injury in your back.



With all the bending over and heavy lifting that gardening can include it can be easy to see lower back pain as a result of doing a lot of garden work. There isn’t much you can do in terms of preventing this apart from taking it easy and taking advantage of all the new technology on the market that can help make these jobs easier. Why not try to tidy up your garden with a leaf blower to make the task easier and to put less strain on your lower back.



Household repairs can be a daunting task, whether you are having a go at a flat pack or tackling some painting and decorating these tasks can put significant strain on your back causing significant damage.



Pushing yourself too much in the gym is a common cause of back pain. We’ve all been there, putting one more weight onto the machine and then you feel it when you get off. My advice for this would be to use either a heat or freeze treatment cream that will help to numb the pain.

As a final note should you experience back pain over long periods of time it would be advisable to go and see a doctor to ensure there isn’t an underlying issue causing the pain.

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