They say you are never fully dressed without a smile. And a lot of people might disagree with this. But dental health is an often-overlooked aspect of our personal wellbeing. We take our teeth for granted, especially in this age of fast food and soft drinks.

So we have put together 6 tips that are easy to follow and will improve your dental health immensely.


Cut Down on The Fizz

Perhaps the most obvious bit of advice and the one you will have heard most often. Fizzy drinks are extremely detrimental to the health of your teeth. The sugar content of the average fizzy drink is far beyond what you should have in a day. It can be difficult to quit these drinks but trust us, the change will be worthwhile.


Teeth Grinding

This is something a lot of people do without even realizing it. Grinding your teeth can be a response to a number of factors such as stress. Grinding your teeth can cause serious damage to the enamel and wear them down. This can lead to a number of dental issues. It is especially problematic if you have any dental implants, as damage to these can be costly. If you need to you should find out about dental implants in Mandurah to make sure your implants are as good as can be.



A simple trick that you have most likely heard from your dentist countless times. But it really is a huge saving grace when it comes to dental hygiene. Flossing daily can reduce all known dental issues by a huge margin. We cannot overstate just how important it actually is.

If flossing is too difficult for you, there are alternatives you can use. Electric flossers or even a water pick can be just as effective and less invasive than regular flossing.


Less Coffee

You might look at this suggestion with shock and wonder how we could dare suggest such a thing. And you might think that coffee isn’t all that bad for your teeth. And it’s true that coffee without sugar won’t cause much damage to the structure of your teeth, what prolonged drinking of coffee can do is cause discoloration in your teeth and also affect your breath.

Cutting back on coffee is a great way to preserve your smile and keep your breath fresher for longer. Those around you will thank you and kicking a caffeine addiction is never a bad thing either.


Mouth Wash

Mouth wash is more than just a way of keeping your breath minty fresh. Mouth wash also removes excess bacteria that sits in your mouth that can’t be reached by brushing. There are a lot of gum issues that can be avoided by using mouth wash regularly. We advise you to use mouth wash directly after brushing and flossing for the ultimate cleaning and freshness experience.


Sleep Guard

While we sleep, we often dream. Even if you can’t remember your dreams, chances are you have had millions in your life. And at times, in our sleep, we tend to grind our teeth and also tense our jaw. This tensing can crush our teeth together and cause damage. So investing in a sleep mouth guard could be a good idea to make sure your teeth are protected while you sleep.


We hope these tips will help you improve your dental regime. Following them will improve your dental health and have you smiling from ear to ear in no time.

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Martial arts is an extremely old practice, originating in India in 500 AD. At the start it was taught by a monk to other monks within a Shaolin temple, his teachings became the five animal styles of Shaolin that people know today. Although it originated in India the development of martial arts is deep-rooted across a wider area of Asia.

Chinese history is entwined with the development of martial arts and it is known to be the martial arts capital of the world. Martial arts is popular here due to China’s history, past rulers made it compulsory for troops to learn martial arts, this has been passed down from generation to generation. In China today there are more than 90 million people who study martial arts.


Styles of Martial Arts

There are many types of martial arts that have developed over the years, some more popular than others and all differing slightly. Karate is one of the more well-known styles of martial arts, it originated in Japan. It teaches the learner how to deflect attacks rather than being on the offensive. Karate requires a lot of practice to really master it so a good tip is to start practicing karate at home every day to improve more quickly.

Krav Maga is a newer form of martial arts that originated in Israel, it teaches the learner how to deal with particularly violent attacks. This martial art is useful as the techniques learned can be used in real-life scenarios, many anti-terrorism officers are trained in this martial art.

Brazilian Ju-Jitsu was developed in the 1920s but is just now growing in popularity. This martial art focuses on teaching the learner ‘grappling’ which is the skill of controlling who you’re fighting and forcing them to submit. Due to this, it is always recommended to practice in your gi, and when purchasing you gi it’s a good idea to look at bjj gi reviews to ensure you’re buying one of good quality. There are many more types of martial arts if none of these interest you, these are just three of many.


The Benefits of Martial Arts

There are so many benefits to practicing martial arts you should definitely consider taking one of the many styles up as a hobby. Health and fitness are becoming increasingly important to people worldwide. Martial arts are actually a form of intense and vigorous exercise, this means that taking part in martial arts actually helps to increase your cardiovascular fitness and with enough practice your cardiovascular endurance. Martial arts, alongside increasing your fitness greatly improves your flexibility thanks to movements used such as high kicks.

It assists in weight loss due to the intensity and you can burn up to 500 calories per session, this in turn also helps to keep your blood pressure low. Martial arts are a great way to improve how healthy your life is overall as they also encourage self-discipline and create a good mind-body relationship.

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