We aim at promoting and improving psychology in a different aspect. We encourage training and research, along with practice. The University of Padova organizes several conferences of EHPS organization and is one of the oldest universities in Europe. One can brag and be proud of being a student at this University. Students have to strive hard to get placed in this University. It is a multidisciplinary university. The students excel in professional training by incorporating the nation’s cultural background.

The organizers are well recognized over the globe. The mentors here show their efficiency in different sectors like academics and research. They, too, feel proud of being part of this university and to give their best in the form of their services. They are well trained and are periodically assessed internally by the organization. 

The organization of conferences and the meetings are excellent, with no miscommunication. All the arrangements are made with extra care and effort. Each sequence goes on with proper planning, and prior notification of planning is being communicated to both the mentors and the students.

The Department of General Psychology has a long-standing tradition at this University. This department has developed itself through association with multiple organizations. The interdisciplinary communication with experts in cognitive sciences, psychology, mental behavior, and biology has served the development. The department’s key research fields are:

  • clinical and health psychology
  • cognitive science
  • behavioral aspect
  • effect of neurosciences that includes neuropsychology and psychophysiology
  • comparative psychology
  • experimental psychology
  • ergonomics
  • human factors
  • psychophysics
  • mathematical psychology