How A Dirty Home can Negatively Impact your Health


Everyone knows the feeling that you experience when your house is not in order, it can be very depressing and unmotivating to find yourself in a house that is not clean and tidy. There is a very strong correlation between feelings of depression and a dirty home due to the fact that so many people spend a significant part of their day within the confines of their homes. Your home should be a sanctuary from worries and a place to escape into your own little world so when this world is not up to scratch it is very common to experience feelings of depression and unhappiness. Having a clean and organized space is very important to maintain positive mental health and improve your productivity when you are home.



Dust allergies are a common problem which many people face on a daily basis, if you are someone who struggles with allergies and irritation due to not having a clean home then listen to these tips.


Ensure your home is well ventilated as it increases airflow and reduces the number of dust particles, with less dust you are less likely to suffer from allergic reactions.

Investing in a dust reducing appliance may be the best way to go to help reduce dust levels in the air and make sure that you choose the best dustbuster for optimal dust and hair removal to help further reduce irritation.


Mold and Bacteria

One of the biggest issues when it comes to living in a dirty home is how easily mold and bacteria reproduce within spaces which require cleaning, some people suffer from issues with mold due to damp areas on the walls which encourages the growth of more bacteria. The only way to fully get rid of mold and bacteria is to remove the things that encourage it to grow, for example in a kitchen where there is an abundance of food waste and warmth. Areas like this will need more attention than others when it comes to cleanliness as they are not only the place that is more likely to have an issue but also the place that you need to look after the most. As the kitchen is the room where you prepare food for yourself and your family we should be aware of how dangerous it is to prepare food in an area that has not been properly cleaned.


Food Poisoning

As previously mentioned it is very important to ensure your kitchen is very clean especially prior to the preparation of food, food poisoning bacteria do not need much to develop, and having a dirty home creates the perfect conditions. Salmonella bacteria comes from foods like raw meat and fish which have not been stored or cleaned up properly. If you were to leave an infected area without cleaning it you would be creating a very hazardous environment for your family so you should be ensuring you are being hygienic and keeping your home clean.


Clean Home, Clean Mind

Although your physical health is very important it is also vital that you consider the effects of having a dirty home on your mind, your home is an opportunity for you to create a personal setting where you can enjoy yourself and relax. Everyone should have a home where they feel safe and secure, but having a dirty home can negatively impact this. If the place you live in is dirty how can you expect to enjoy yourself somewhere that is not looking the best that it can? Having a clean space is not only vital for your health but also has a direct influence on your mental health and feeling generally positive.

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