Football: Is it Good or Bad for your health?

Football is truly the worlds sport played everywhere from the streets of Delhi, to the parks of London. No matter where you go football is not too far away. With this popularity it should be questioned Is this sport actually good for you? This passage will explore the positives and possible negatives of football.


Firstly, we should explore the obvious positives of football. There must be a reason why football is the most popular sport in the world. Not only can it be played anywhere. As I mentioned in the introduction the streets of Delhi, to the parks of London. Football can also be enjoyed anywhere, from the stands of Old Trafford or in the comfort of your home from football streaming sites like at baobonga. Due to this popularity football can and will help you build strong social connections. Football is a brilliant team sport and will help you build a strong sense of cohesion with workmates and friends. Even if you do not choose to physically play the sport you will still have the ability to go to a bar with your friends and watch a game. So, for your mental health football can be excellent.


To the all important physical aspect of the game; football can be excellent for your fitness. In its purest element football is a sport that makes you run. It is often stated that footballers are the ultimate athletes. As they are expected to run around the pitch for ninety minutes. This means a footballer needs to have an elite aerobic strength, and the sport has been proven to improve cardiovascular health; even though this is extremely common in other sports, the physical affect football had on cardiovascular health is far greater. Footballers have been shown to be some of the leanest athletes on earth. With extremely low body fat, and an almost perfect BMI footballers are scientifically the perfect athletes. Without too much effort and while still having fun football can help you become a more complete athlete.


As previously mentioned, football is the worlds sport. This universal appeal has left many blind to the actual dangers of football. The main issue with football can be the injuries that a player can accumulate. Though there is the stereotype that football does not actually hold that much contact. It can actually take a huge toll on the body if the proper steps are not taken. The most common football injury is the hamstring strain. For readers who do not know the hamstring is the muscle that holds your thigh to your calf. It is not something that you want to injure; as it will completely halt your ability to accomplish day to day tasks. The culmination of such injuries can eventually lead to a complete disability. As these injuries usually come from a lack of readiness in the joints, this can easily be counteracted through a good stretching session before you start any game. So, for at least 5 minutes before every game make sure that you stretch your joints and you will be ready for an extremely active ninety minutes.


After exploring both the pros and negatives of the sport, it is easy to see that football is in fact good for your health. As despite the injury prone nature of the sport you can easily protect your body through light pre-match stretching. Football has immense benefits for both your physical and mental health. As this passage highlights the sense of community the sport can manage to create. The sport is also excellent for improving your cardiovascular health, and help you become a more complete athlete.

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