Examining which Life Guides are Worth Following

After this past year, many people are feeling lost and unmotivated. The coronavirus was declared by the World Health Organization as a pandemic over a year ago and this past year has been one of uncertainty and has been tough for people worldwide. Over 130 million people have caught the virus and it will have been a struggle for them and their loved ones whilst they were suffering from it. Many people suffered from severe covid symptoms, many people were hospitalized, and many people are suffering from long-term covid effects. This is all life-changing and would have been extremely difficult for any family and friends to witness. Unfortunately, because of the severity of the virus and how much it impacts an individual’s immune system over 2 million people have lost their lives to this deadly disease, which is another life-changing thing for anyone who knew any of these individuals. Now that several vaccines have been found and the rollout of these vaccines is going so smoothly, the end is in sight and things will likely return to normal soon. However, even when society returns to what it used to be, people will still be feeling lost as this year has been a strange and difficult one for everyone. This means that many people are trying to find new ways to adjust to normal life again and one popular thing that many people say has made a massive difference to them is finding a life guide to follow. These guides have brought back hope and motivation for many people after such a difficult year and we’ve found some of the best ones to follow.  

What is a life guide?

Life guides come in many different forms, but in general, they’re a guide or program for anyone who has lost direction in their lives, anyone who is struggling mentally, or anyone who just wants to become a better version of themselves. If you’ve lost direction in your life and are feeling miserable because of it then a life guide could be exactly what you need to pull you out of your slump and set you back on the right path. When you’re feeling low this can be a difficult thing to figure out for yourself as even easy tasks may feel impossible so the best thing you can do is to follow a guide rather than trying to fix everything yourself. If you’re doing fine mentally and know what path you want to be on but you want to reach your goals quicker or if you’re ambitious and want to become the best version of yourself that you possibly can be then a life guide is also perfect for you.  

Whilst all life guides are unique and will differ from other life guides, there are some general principles that they all promote. They’ll always involve lots of motivational and inspirational quotes and stories to help you get inspired in your own life and they’ll also make sure that you’re taking responsibility for your own actions as this is the only way self-improvement is possible. Most life guides highlight the same important things such as how important it is to face your fears and step outside your comfort zone, to stop playing the victim and instead take back control of your own life, and to stop making excuses. These are all important basic principles that apply to every individual and if you follow these then you should start to see improvements in every aspect of your life. 

What life guide to follow?

There are so many life guides available to us that there will be a life guide that will suit every individual’s needs, however, you have to find the one that suits you best. The best life guide that we found was the raikov effect program, this uses a variety of techniques to help improve your brainpower including things like meditation and hypnosis. It’s one of the most successful life guide programs, if you do a quick google search to find out more it’ll be easy to find a review of the Raikov effect program and we can guarantee it’ll be a positive one.  

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