City of Padova

Padova is a vibrant town in Italy. The English pronunciation of Padova is Padua. It stands on the river, Bacchiglione River, and is 40 km away from the west of Venice. In the southeast, it is 29 km from Vicenza. Brenta River runs through the city of Padova. It is the home town of art, culture, and tradition. Being the oldest city, architecture has historical value. People here are centuries old and stick to the customs. The churches, villas, chapels, and cobbled streets emanate the sense of history and culture. It is the hometown of several architects with vast culture and artistic heritage. This speaks the beauty and wealth of the city. The city of Padova has hot and humid summers and cold winters.

Being the industrial zone in Europe, it is a hub of the economic and communication center. It attracts tourists from around the world.

There is an important thing that comes to mind when speaking about Padova. It is nothing but the University of Padova. Its origin was around found in 1222. It was here that Galileo Galilei worked as a lecture during the time of 1592 to 1610. The University of Padova has the oldest anatomy theatre, botanical garden, faculty of medicine, and many more. The University of Padova has another milestone. The University of Padua hosts the first conference of EHPS (European Health Psychology Society). The theme of the conference is ‘Innovative ideas in Health Psychology.’ The committee of EHPS organized the conference formally.