With the number of cases of lower back pain sufferers rising it can be hard to know what the actual cause of this pain is. My advice would be to look at aspects of your life that involve menial labor and heavy lifting and look to avoid these activities when you can. With age or illness your body can become weaker, if you push your body too much in this state then you may be susceptible to pain and injury in your back.



With all the bending over and heavy lifting that gardening can include it can be easy to see lower back pain as a result of doing a lot of garden work. There isn’t much you can do in terms of preventing this apart from taking it easy and taking advantage of all the new technology on the market that can help make these jobs easier. Why not try to tidy up your garden with a leaf blower to make the task easier and to put less strain on your lower back.



Household repairs can be a daunting task, whether you are having a go at a flat pack or tackling some painting and decorating these tasks can put significant strain on your back causing significant damage.



Pushing yourself too much in the gym is a common cause of back pain. We’ve all been there, putting one more weight onto the machine and then you feel it when you get off. My advice for this would be to use either a heat or freeze treatment cream that will help to numb the pain.

As a final note should you experience back pain over long periods of time it would be advisable to go and see a doctor to ensure there isn’t an underlying issue causing the pain.

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As the time catches up we find our society to be allowing more and more focus to be placed upon mental health, but what are these issues we now find ourselves facing.


Perhaps the most commonly known mental health issue is that of depression, it can come in so many forms and with a current three hundred million sufferers in the world right now, it is perhaps the most prevalent issue we currently face. Depression is not something that arises simply from a lack of serotonin as many suspect, but instead it is something that creeps up on you and slowly consumes your being. You lose a desire to socialise, eat and an ability to sleep, along with a loss of self-worth and general sadness. Depression can be found through life-events, and can bring anyone to their knees, at its worst it can bring someone to self-harm or suicidal tendencies. There are two common medications prescribed to those with depression, that of therapy and anti-depressants usually used in combination, to both stabilise and improve a human’s self-thought.


Another prevalent mental health issue is that of anxiety, often intertwined with depression, there are currently forty million adult sufferers in the United States alone. It can be so hard for a person who suffers with anxiety to actually seek out treatment, rather obviously they find it far too daunting. Again it is a crippling illness stopping a person from socialising, eating or doing the simplest of things, And again both therapy and medication play an important role in helping with this mental health issue.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) receives such unfair treatment from mainstream society it is not just a simple need for order and cleanliness, but like the name suggests an obsession with anything. An OCD can be an obsession with an unpleasant thought or experience that you can not remove from your mind causing intense pain and anxiety. These feelings of unpleasant thought can be acted upon with repetitive action they think will remove such feelings, if one is hypothetically obsessed with the idea of germs they are going to wash there hands till they bleed. It is not the funny issue many paint it is, it is a life crippling disease. Unlike depression and anxiety there is no mainstream medication currently prescribed, often treated with therapy.

Bipolar Affective Disorder

Another mental health issue in todays society is that of Bipolar affective disorder, as the name suggests these issues find themselves bookended at both manic happiness and intense depression. Often confused with personality disorder, this issue is rather intertwined with depression. With nearly 60 million sufferers worldwide, this affects every relationships in a person’s life so intensely often in their manic episodes going on eating or spending sprees, while in their depressive episodes finding all the symptoms that follow that. Like both anxiety and depression this is most often treated with both therapy and medication, but it is an issue that is life destroying often causing confusion in a sufferers loved ones.


Finally, one of the biggest mental health issues is that of dementia often affecting the elderly of society most. Dementia impacts nearly 50 million worldwide, dementia is to be seen as a loss of cognitive function, this can be in language, memory and simple comprehension. Dementia is caused by numerous illnesses that impact the brain and is so often unfortunately coupled with age. There is no known cure for dementia, a disease that can cause such pain for loved ones of a dying family member. It is a disease that science is still trying to find an answer to, but with the amount of diseases that lead to dementia it is unlikely we are particularly close as a society.


Overall, it should be seen that mental health is one of the biggest issues facing our world. It Is often so important to check in on your loved ones, as you may not be able to tell when they are suffering, and do not be put off by their self-placed isolation. They are simply acting from their disease not plain hate.

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