Why a Clean Environment Is Good For Your Mental and Physical Health

The world is a complex place right now. Mental health is more in focus than ever before. Mainly because more and more people are suffering from some form of mental illness as opposed to any point in history. And it’s easy to see why. The climate crisis is out of control. Living prices are at an all-time high with wages not going up.

This is why it is more important than ever before for you to take care of your mental health. So today we are going to take a look at how a clean environment impacts both your mental and physical health.

How Dirty Spaces Affect your Mental Health

This isn’t very commonly known but a messy environment has a direct impact on your mental health. There are a few reasons for this. Firstly, what you look at affects how your brain processes thoughts. If you are looking at something messy then your brain will actually jumble up your thoughts. This is why it is difficult to know where to start on a big cleaning job.

A messy room is always visually unappealing. And it is common knowledge that negative images have an adverse effect on your mood. When you are already struggling with mental health, seeing unpleasant images such as a messy environment can cause you to spiral further.

How Dirty Spaces Affect your Physical Health

This one is a lot easier to understand. Dirty spaces are a breeding ground for bacteria and diseases. Especially if you have food or pets in a particularly messy area. If you spend too long exposed to bacteria you run the risk of becoming extremely sick. Common illnesses associated with dirty spaces include the flu, diarrhea, pneumonia, or food poisoning.

Breathing issues are another common complaint from people living in dirty spaces. Dust buildup can cause major damage to your respiratory system. This is especially dangerous if you have animals or children in the house as well. Animal hair build-up can actually lead to you developing allergies. And if children are exposed to too much dust it can cause lasting damage to their respiratory system.

How To Keep Your Environment Clean

For some people, it might seem easy to keep their homes clean. But for those suffering from mental health issues or physical ailments, it can be quite a task to keep your home clean. So we have arranged some tips on how to make it far more manageable.

The simplest option is to hire a cleaning service like Cleanify to regularly come and clean your home. This is a great way to ensure your place stays clean. If you can afford to spend the money then this is a fantastic choice. Plus you will be supporting a local business as well, which is always a positive.

Or you could break down the cleaning into smaller, more manageable tasks. Rather than thinking of cleaning everything. Pick one part of your place to clean each day. Maybe the kitchen one day, The bathroom the next. And you don’t have to do it all at once. You could stagger it throughout the day.

If you’re really struggling to keep on top of your mess, you could make some changes to your life to reduce your cleaning. A great idea is to start using paper plates and disposable cutlery to cut down on kitchen washing. Or you could simply ask for help from your friends and family. People are very understanding and very likely willing to help you out.

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How To Stay Healthy When Working From Home

The last year has meant that a lot of us have had to start working from home. For a lot of people, working from home is an extremely unfamiliar process, and so they may not be prepared for it. If you can relate to this, then you may be struggling to adjust to working from home and it may be taking its toll on your health. Here is how to stay healthy when working from home.

  • Get a Comfortable Chair

A big mistake that a lot of people make is thinking that they can work from their bed. During the lockdown period, when a lot of people started to work from home, they would spend hours every day sitting up in their beds on their laptops.

This is really bad for your back and can lead to pain and even long-term problems. For this reason, you need a stable chair that you will be able to work from. If you are not sure what kind of chair to get, you may be surprised to know that gaming chairs are good for your health and will offer you the necessary support that you need.

  • Don’t Forget to Be Social

People also tend to forget that working from home can have a negative impact on your mental health. You can start to feel isolated and this is where issues such as anxiety and even depression start to form. You should make sure that you are taking the time to socialize away from your work.

Even if it is just to go for a walk with a friend, getting out and not staring at a screen will do you a world of good and can help keep your mental health in check. Nobody thrives well from loneliness and so you should avoid it.

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